Testimonial | 23.2.2012 | No Comments

I wanted to take a moment to let you know haw very pleased we are with the “re-do” you did on our website. When we first sat down to discuss the make-over, I was very concerned about loosing the first page rankings we had achieved with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Not only did you maintain those rankings that we had achieved, but you brought up our rankings to first page status on many second tier search terms, also.

The primary goal I wanted from your work was to speed up our download times which were falling from “poor” to “unacceptably slow”. You nailed it. Not only do our pages load very quickly, but the do so with more text, graphics, and video on the page.

Your periodic comments, suggestions, and offers to do the minor “tweaks” are very much appreciated. Though I used to write the site, I just can’t keep up with the ever changing web requirements and SEO standards.

I am looking forward to a long relationship. You are considered a valuable company asset.

John Schiefelbein, Owner

North Country Canoe Outfitters

Pine Point Lodge

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