In order for the world to see your site, you need a “web host.” If you do not already have a location, Web Goddess is happy to provide this service for you.

We provide three levels of hosting, paid by PayPal monthly (or monthly, bi-annually or yearly by check – contact us to arrange).  If you “subscribe” below, your payment will automatically be made each month through PayPal.

Discount Hosting

If you have a straight HTML site that requires little upkeep, we will supply discount hosting for you at $9.95 per month.

WordPress Hosting

All WordPress sites require software updating and special security. For this reason, we charge $24.95 per month to host WordPress sites.


Would you like for Web Goddess to help with monthly maintenance?  Our hourly rate is $75/hr, but if you hire us for an hour of work each month on a regular basis, we will include the hosting in our basic maintenance package.  Choose the level of maintenance you require.

Select the level you require. All packages include monthly hosting at no additional charge.