Good Planning Is the Key to a Successful Website

Are you planning on a new web site?  Or a redesign of your worn out current site?

As an internet consultant and site builder, when I first meet with a client, I encourage him to dream big, think of everything he wants to do with the site, now or in the future.

There’s nothing worse than a leggy site that has been added onto and onto without the planning for the new ideas that are coming forth.  A good brainstorming session with your staff in conjunction with your web designer can be so useful in determining the big picture for your web site.

Maybe you won’t implement everything right now.  But if your web designer knows that you are planning for that feature in the future, she can plan for it in the overall design.

Once your designer knows the big picture, she can help you determine what is in your current budget and how to plan for the future applications you might want to add.

Working with an experienced web consultant, not just someone who can create pretty designs, is key in planning your web site.  And as we all know, in business, planning is EVERYTHING.  It will save you

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